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grupy IMVU to sposób na wyróżnienie się i spotkanie innych osób o takich samych zainteresowaniach. Grupy podzielone są w oparciu o hobby, modę, przekonania i wiele więcej. Masz ochotę pogadać z ludźmi o najnowszych przebojach lub z innymi fanami "Zmierzchu"? Dołącz do grupy i komentuj! Użytkownicy w grupach mogą rozmawiać, dzielić się pomysłami oraz zapraszać się nawzajem do innych grup. Spośród dziesiątek tysięcy grup, z pewnością wybierzesz tę, która podziela twoje zainteresowania, hobby lub poglądy.

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Group where web programmer are here. Especially based on PHP and MySQL. So Please join here and you'll find another case for your project along with solution

Here is the alternate version of my old group, looking for singles friends and back people. This is where you will establish close bonds, friendships and a sense of family. If you are looking for love than this place we can help you find that to...

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Come join us and meet some new friends.. Join us in our public room. Themed parties to come and some private parties, invite only. giggles

NewPost by WicForever on 09/25/2017 09:00:47am
 Re: Question of the Week
"1. If you were Gay (assuming you are not of course..."

  • Właściciel: MrsChelleLegend
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Timeless Photography is an IMVU based wedding photography business offering highly skilled specialist in wedding and engagement photography.Our mission is to create beautiful, timeless images for you.

NewPost by MrsChelleLegend on 09/25/2017 08:35:56am
 Re: The Desk of MsTayClayTon
"Tell me what you think of these siss [IMG]http://..."

talking about relationships I offer advise to ppl about how to approach and talk about certain issues everyone is welcome to attend

  • Właściciel: IIxXJulietXxII
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We provide exclusive services to ensure your wedding day is the best it could be. Our team are highly dedicated and devoted planners work with you to make sure you get your say every step of the way

NewPost by IIxXJulietXxII on 09/25/2017 01:19:46am
 Available Wedding Dates Of 2017
"Available Wedding Dates of 2017 Current Available..."

  • Właściciel: LaniTailorMadeIT
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Welcome to When Two Hearts Become One Inc. Group! We're A Professional Wedding Planner Inc. We does whatever it takes to turn your Dream Wedding into a Reality, Just Leave It In Our Hands.

NewPost by LaniTailorMadeIT on 09/24/2017 11:08:26pm
 Sticky: Employee Clock IN and Clock OUT
"Make first post and clock in then when u clocking..."

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Private Family Room

NewPost by Rarna on 09/24/2017 05:16:04pm
 Re: Photos

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I love you my sweet

NewPost by IIHushyII on 09/24/2017 04:37:04pm
 Re: My conversation with a female sub friend
"Also I just want to say that I have not been in r..."

  • Właściciel: BloodHunterWolf
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everyone wants love, but some people struggle to find it, to find it is my job If you don't think there is someone out there for you, WE DO. Let us get to know a little about you and we will find you

NewPost by Guest_LunaBeez on 09/24/2017 12:18:27pm
 Re: woman looking for men
"> Your Name : > LunaBeez > Like to be..."

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