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This place is for all the fans of Twilight. We have almost everything you need here. From all the books, to the movie, to the cast members. "Your like my own personal brand of heroin."

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Group Owner: KiritoshiroUchiha
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Date Formed: 2009-03-30 18:00:40
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Twilight chat


KaylaRavenheart: Hi Everyone! I just joined and look forward to meeting all of you! :)

Guest_roselovermade: hii

Guest_roselovermade: hii

Guest_dessy126: h

Guest_princessviridian: hai all im new members

Guest_Jolienrose: I love Twilight

Guest_nicole10552: hi everyone

MizzSashay: love the movie excellent choice for a group

Guest_SraMalona: hi speack espanish here?

Guest_kbuglol: love it still watch it

jenni2moons_disabled_164670543: any girl wants to add me n chat..please do to see you

jenni2moons_disabled_164670543: i have every movie of twilight saga n the favorite of all movies

weslyn_disabled_164535222: hey guys i like ur chat

Guest_AngelikaRoxy: :" 1:1 delicous blood

Guest_shekeila: Hey what's up all you twilight saga fans?

Jalerii: Visit Shop Jalerii :)

Guest_kikaskero: i hope they post a new movie of the twillight saga

MizzSashay: hi do you know if they will be coming out with breaking dawn 3?

LanceWilliamGilbert: Hi

Guest_queentoot123_retired_155460357: do any of yall know where a chat room at help please

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